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Scholarship Criteria

Saved By The Ball is dedicated to making our program accessible to student-athletes from diverse backgrounds and economic situations. 

Our year round Hoop University Program ensures that those student-athletes who participate are given the tools needed to succeed in school, life, and athletics. Our program also forces our participants to be held accountable for their success. Student-athletes who participate in our program have to continuously comply to our guidelines for academic, athletic, and personal excellence.

Saved By The Ball will review all applications. Once applications have been submitted, you will be contacted with more information on our academies and various scholarship opportunities.

Saved By The Ball takes into consideration many components in assessing scholarship eligibility. The components include, but not limited to, athletic achievements, academic history, grade level, involvement in extracurricular activities/community service and space availability.


Student-athletes (once enrolled in SBTB Foundation) must maintain a B or higher grade or grade point equivalent.​


Athletes must maintain a satisfactory conduct grade in classes; school attendance must be in line with what is deemed acceptable by school board standings.


Student-athletes must pass an entrance exam and interview with parents conducted by our staf

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