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Meet Our Board Of Directors

Dorian A. Lee


Saved By The Ball Foundation, Inc. founded by Dorian A. Lee. Mr. Lee brings over 35 years of basketball experience as a player, coach, and trainer to the Company. He started playing basketball at age 8 and went on to win scholarships to play at the college level. He finished his college basketball career with over 1,600 points and over 200 steals, and graduated with a degree in Health Sciences.

He later served as an assistant coach for the Gwinnett Gwizzlies and has trained countless athletes over the years, including WNBA and NBA players. He developed his own uniquely effective training system based off proven psychological and physiological methods to improve the game of basketball players at every skill level. Mr. Lee also has over 10 years of experience as a sales representative; he generated over $3.7 million in sales for Norwest Mortgage and was ranked first, out of the 294 sales representatives in the country in his sales division, while working for Bristol-Myers Squibb.

He was most recently a Consultant for Affiliation Enterprises where he located funding sources and investment capital for business expansion and conducted leadership seminars and personal growth related programs for staff and executives. Mr. Lee’’s basketball experience, training expertise, proven leadership abilities, and business knowledge will ensure the foundation’s success.

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