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Meet Our Board Of Directors

Ronnie Tullis

Executive Director

Ronnie has been a member of Saved by the Ball Foundation since 2001 and is a product of the system. Since he can remember, basketball has always been what inspired him to be an excellent scholar and deterred him from indulging in the abundance of criminal activities in the inner city of Southwest Atlanta. Ronnie was a member of BBall 101’s first AAU team ATL Explosion and has over 10 years of experience training through the program which helped him to see the bigger picture of how basketball can be used as a vehicle for young athletes to create a better lifestyle for themselves and their community.


Even though Ronnie did not have the pleasure of playing collegiate basketball, he went on to get his degree in Sport Management and Marketing from the University of West Georgia to learn the business side of the game. As a result, he learned the skills necessary to become Director and ambassador of Saved by Ball. His goal is to give young athletes around the world all the tools necessary to not only play the game on levels in which he did not, but to also help them in the areas of financial literacy, academics, social skills, career guidance, and mentorship needed to excel in the game of life.


He is currently an Account Executive for the Atlanta Falcons and has so far generated over $2 million dollars of revenue for the organization. He has also played an integral role in training younger reps to have success selling. Ronnie also participates in several community services endeavors to give back and inspire inner city kids to have similar success.

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