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Team Nite Nite

Dear Parent & Athlete, 


As Director & Founder of B’Ball 101& Saved By The Ball Foundation, I am so excited to announce the forming of our travel basketball program, Team NiteNite. Team NiteNite is an extension of our 501 (c) 3, Saved By The Ball Foundation, Inc. founded in 2006. Our mission is simple: We are committed to impacting the lives of scholar-athletes by preparing them for the endless educational and career opportunities associated with the game of basketball while shielding them from the unrealistic expectations and exploitation often associated with athletics. Although the mission is simple. My question for you is even simpler: Do you want to take your game, body, and mind to another level and get the exposure needed to place college coaches at your doorstep? 

Over the past 14 years we have been a huge asset in assisting our athletes in a variety of areas that ultimately improve their ability to garner academic and athletic scholarships. Consider it a new age in sports development: No exploitation, no false promises, no discarding athletes if they do not become stars, just real guidance and experience with navigating this journey of basketball and life. Through our 38 plus years of involvement with the game, we can honestly say that the success system that we have put together is really second to none. Very few systems are designed to mold the young player both mentally and physically. 

We have come to understand  the spirit-mind-body link to successful development in any endeavor. By understanding it, we gain more control over the thought processes of our young athletes and can give them a clear-cut way to create a positive world. In order for our children to become confident, positive, and eternally optimistic adults, they must be that way as youth. This is where we, as parents, teachers, role models, and leaders come into play. By paying close attention to the words that our kids are saying, we can remove counterproductive language almost immediately. Whenever we speak of language at B’Ball 101, we are speaking of the negative self talk such as: “I can’t”, “maybe”, “hopefully”, “I’ll try”, or “if we are lucky”. 

We should replace these words and phrases with words that project absence of doubt, such as: “I will”, “absolutely”, “I can”, “I create my own luck through hard work”, and “I have all the power I need already within me”. By monitoring this, we have eliminated a large portion of what steers the mind in the wrong direction. However, there is still one catch. Our children would rather “see a good sermon than hear a good sermon”, as my father use to say. This simply means we must monitor what we say to ourselves and to our children because they are watching and listening. 

Finally, Team NiteNite basketball development gives the young athlete a strong foundation to improve as a player. Improvement in basketball, as well as other endeavors, involves practicing the correct skills over and over again until it becomes instinctive. No player becomes better by receiving instruction and doing nothing with it. We know (not believe or guess) that in basketball and life, you get out of it exactly what you put into it. You can only withdraw from an account what you have deposited (put in). Our children must look at their mind and body as accounts that must constantly be replenished in order to succeed. It is simply a choice. Better yet, it is YOUR choice.


Dorian A. Lee, CEO & Founder

Click below to fill out the Team Nite Nite Application if you are interested in changing, not only your game, but your life!

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