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Big Apple vs. Big Peach: Life Lessons Learned

November, 25, 2011

By Adena Andrews

Khadeen Carrington, a sophomore shooting guard at Bishop Loughlin (Brooklyn, N.Y.) escaped the littered streets of New York City for a bit of Southern Hospitality in Atlanta, Ga. this Thanksgiving weekend for the Big Apple vs. Big Peach Battle. The holiday tournament showcased some of the top high school teams from New York and Georgia alongside providing off-court life lessons for the participants.

“I’m from Brooklyn, so there is a lot of stuff going on, like shootings and gangs,” Carrington said. “Every day you hear about someone dying. It’s nice to come down here and take a break from all of that.”

Dorian Lee and Robert “Bobby” Parker Jr., who saw life beyond their small town hoop dreams in Mobile, Ala., established the inaugural Big Apple vs. Big Peach Battle. They played basketball together at Spring Hill College in Mobile and found ways to stay involved in the game after their playing days. Lee and Parker created the Save the Ball Foundation, a non-profit organization that helps guide young adults through the labyrinth of being a student-athlete.



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